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SCANDAL will be guesting on the 26th April and 3rd May episodes of Fuji TV’s MUSIC FAIR! The girls were on the road as early as 3:30AM this morning, having to travel to the recording venue.

The band performed “Departure" along with a strings ensemble, and also did a collaboration with idol group, Momoiro Clover Z on their hit song “Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo (Let’s Go! Pirate Girls).” SCANDAL had arranged the performance for the latter, performing with their instruments while Momoiro dance and sang, bringing on a rather powerful performance.

SCANDAL also had to wait for a very long time before the talk session. Other guests for these (two) episodes include Kahala Tomomi X Kudo Shizuka X Goto Tsugutoshi, Asakura Daisuke, Itsuki Hiroshi, Tanimura Shinji, Kobukuro and Shibasaki Kou.

※ Plus: SCANDAL will be at the Yoyogi Park’s Starlight Studio VIVID this Saturday to do a public recording on FM FUJI’s “STADIUM ROCK!!” programme! While there are no monitors outside of the studio, you may still look from outside the mobile studio and viewing is FOC. The girls are scheduled to appear from 6PM onwards.

MUSIC FAIR official blog and website, HERE and HERE. It broadcasts on Fuji TV every Sat, from 6PM ~ 6:30PM (JST.) Previous ‘Awanai’ screenies by me.

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